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You need an up-to-date basemap of Austria derived from administrative data? You are at the right place! is a high-performance web basemap published under an OpenGovernmentData (OGD) license. It is based upon data provided by the nine Austrian provinces and their partners. is based on geodata from:

Map products

Preview of all products in the map viewer Standard


  • standard product Gray


  • light-colored and contours
  • especially suitable as a background for thematic maps Overlay


  • transparent street signature and labels
  • ideal for combination with orthophotos High-DPI


  • double the resolution of the STANDARD layer
  • perfect for high-resolution displays of smartphones and tablets and for prints ORTHOFOTO


  • highest resolution: 29cm, in some regions: 15cm
  • ideal in combination with OVERLAY

About the project is the result of a cooperation of the nine Austrian provinces (, ITS Vienna Region ( operator), the University of Technology/Vienna and Synergis. The project is co-funded by the Climate and Energy Fund, within a program for innovation in green and efficient mobility.

2012 and 2013 the project team created the foundation for an open web map. 2014 it was published open to everybody. It is used for numerous administrative procedures. In addition, it is also available for private and commercial purposes according to the Open Government Data conditions in Austria.



City of Vienna, MA 14 State of Vorarlberg State of Tyrol State of Styria State of Salzburg State of Upper Austria State of Lower Austria State of Carinthia State of Burgenland ÖVDAT Austrian Association of Cities and Towns National Mapping Agency

Associated partners

Association of Austrian transport assocations, ARGE ÖVV The Ministry of Life Austrian Umbrella Organization for Geographic Information

Technology partners

Synergis Vienna University of Technology, Research Group Cartography

Underlying data is a cartographic product based on the administrative data of the nine Austrian provinces and their partners, especially the Austrian Assocation of Cities and Towns as well as – a nationwide transport graph.

The map covers the entire Austrian territory. It is updated bi-monthly according to the data updates from the partners. The cartography as well as the underlying data are constantly updated and improved. Therefore, not only the map content, but also the cartographic presentation might change in the future.

Service Access offers pre-rendered, cached raster tiles in Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere. They are compatible with well-established basemaps, such as OpenStreetMap, Google Maps and Bing Maps.

WebService - Online Zugang

The service is available as OpenGIS Web Map Tile Service 1.0.0 (WMTS) according to the OGC Standard.

Regional products

Since December 2018 we offer an additional product for projection Gauß-Krüger M34 (EPSG:31256).

Offline products

Since October 2017 can be downloaded as filedump.

There are two restrictions compared to the online access:

  1. Zoomlevel: only up to L17
  2. Update only once a year
    Actual date: Release 29, 14.02.2020, Orthofoto: 09.09.2019

The following products are as ESRI Compact Cache available (extrem large files!):

    1. Level 0 to 15 7-GB-ZIP
    2. Level 0 to 16 17-GB-ZIP
    3. Level 0 to 17 41-GB-ZIP
  2. GRAU
    1. Level 0 to 15 9-GB-ZIP
    2. Level 0 to 16 25-GB-ZIP
    3. Level 0 to 17 69-GB-ZIP
    1. Level 0 to 15 2-GB-ZIP
    2. Level 0 to 16 3-GB-ZIP
    3. Level 0 to 17 10-GB-ZIP
  4. HIDPI
    1. Level 0 to 15 5-GB-ZIP
    2. Level 0 to 16 12-GB-ZIP
    3. Level 0 to 17 29-GB-ZIP
    1. Level 0 to 15 3-GB-ZIP
    2. Level 0 to 16 10-GB-ZIP
    3. Level 0 to 17 38-GB-ZIP

The following products are as mbtiles (for QGIS) available:

    1. Level 0 to 16 19-GB-ZIP (last update 15. April 2020)
    1. Level 0 to 16 9-GB-ZIP (last update 1. April 2019)
    1. Level 0 bis 18 57-GB-ZIP (EPSG:31287, date of data acquisition 100-KB-PDF, last update: 18. Jänner 2021)
    1. Level 0 bis 18 32-GB-ZIP (EPSG:31287, date of data acqusition 100-KB-PDF, last update: 18. Jänner 2021)

Vector products (beta)

Since June 2019 we offer the vector

The Vector-TileCache is based on the Mapbox 2.0 standard and is generated with ArcGIS Pro.

Up to now there are 4 vector products:

  1. vector online
  2. vector offline (2,6-GB-VTPK)
  3. isolines vector online
  4. isolines vector offline (7-GB-VTPK)
  5. Tutorial for ArcGIS Pro 800-KB-PDF
  6. ESRI VTPK in Mbtiles konvertieren Source auf GitHup

Terms of Use

OGD license Austria: CC-BY 4.0

According to the Open Government Data License Austria, CC-BY 4.0, can be used for any purpose, even commercially.

Naming has to be performed in the following way:
„Data source:
– including the hyperlink to
How to implement the terms of use in a correct way, see these examples: 1-MB-PDF is not a commercial company. It is a project by
If you are using in your projects or products, please let us know so we can add you to our gallery.

Free of charge is not free of cost

Using is free of charge. However, maintaining the service infrastructure of course costs money. These costs are completely covered by the nine provinces of Austria. Why? should be used to maximum benefit. Extensive experience with geo data marketing showed, that this can only be achieved when services are free of charge and barrier-free. The Austrian provinces therefore agreed on using the Austrian Open Government Data License (CC-BY 4.0) by the Cooperation OGD Austria.

Thus is a clear contribution of the public administration towards an open, barrier- and discrimination-free access to administrative data. Beneficiaries are not only the administrations themselves, but also economy, science and eventually all citizens.

The following platforms are using already…

ASFINAG Immobiliensuche

ASFINAG Immobiliensuche



standortOÖ - die Webplattform für Betriebsansiedlungen in NÖ

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Legal info

Publisher: Vienna city administration and Austrian province governments (Stadt Wien und Österreichische Länder bzw. Ämter der Landesregierung)

Disclaimer: Though the contents of are compiled very thoroughly and the technical services are programmed to satisfy the highest requirements, the publishers can take no responsibility for the complete correctness and suitability of the information and service offered. All information and data is provided without warranty of any kind, and neither of the above entities will be liable for any special or consequential damages resulting from the use of the contents and services provided. is offered with a service availability of 99.985%. All users share the same infrastructure. Exclusive contracts for higher service availability can not be offered.